Six Pack Abs Training Facts

The battle to lose weight is waged in all fronts. From fat burning supplements and diets to fat burning foods and exercises. I do not like to watch every bite I take and don’t like to count calories and really dislike the term diet. Diet to me means deprivation.


Fat Burning ExerciseInstead I love to exercise. This does not mean that I down a pint of ice cream between the refrigerator and the couch. That’s my story and I stick to it!

There used to be an ideological war years ago that who is a better fighter, a wrestler or a boxer? Ultimate Fighting Championship is still trying to answer that question.

Similar ideological war is now going on based on the nature of fat burning exercises. The interesting part is that this is really a war between marketing strategies to help sell products. Reading between the lines show you that all the promoters actually agree on the key issues, they simply emphasize or de-emphasize some points to change your impression.

So let’s get to some of these facts.

  • Fact one – Your body uses carbohydrate, protein and fat as fuel all the time and simultaneously. The ratio of what it burned changes based on how readily available these fuels are and the exercise intensity and duration.

Fact two – Your body uses carbohydrates as fuel much easier, if available. This means as long as there is carbohydrate available in your muscles and your blood stream, there is no reason for your body to reach for fat. Think of this way. If you have a can of cold beer right on the coffee table by your side, will you get up and go to the fridge for another? Of course not. But if that beer is not
right on the coffee table, and you want it, you’ll go to the fridge, reluctantly.

This is the reason behind the suggestion to do your aerobics on empty stomach. You force your body to reach for the fat as fuel by not having any readily available source of carbohydrates in your body.

Fact three – High intensity short burst workouts use mostly carbohydrates as the main source of fuel and not fat.

Fact four – Low intensity long duration workouts use mostly fat as fuel.

Fact five – This is where the marketing war starts. High intensity short burst workouts, by definition burn more calories per minute of workout than low intensity workouts. So if you only have ten minutes, you can burn several times more calories in a kettlebell swing than you’ll burn on a steady jog on a treadmill. But the rub is this. If you eat any carbohydrate before or immediately after your high intensity workout, your body will use that as fuel and does not reach for the spare tire around your waist.

You will however increase your chances of losing fat by the simple fact that your total calories burned per minute of a high intensity workout is higher than a low intensity workout. Duh! Isn’t that what high intensity mean?

Fact six – Low intensity long duration workouts do not help you increase your muscle mass. And you need increased muscle mass in order to burn more calories per minute, just standing around.

Honestly, if you could just stand around and look great, will you even bother reading this article? routines are based on similar principles.

After a warm up period, abs exercise routines begin that are designed to really chisel your abs and strengthen your core in a comprehensive and balanced way.

Since these are not high intensity workouts, most healthy individuals do not need a pre-workout meal. There are exceptions such as diabetics that need to work around this. Towards the end is the short cycle sugar burning rounds between 4 to 6 minutes. These exercise cycles are designed to burn a lot of┬ácalorie fast. You’ll notice their effect right away.

For better results, you need to keep away from carbs after the workout. In this state your body continues to burn fat even after the exercise is finished.

Remember not to take to long to eat after your workout since that triggers your body’s starvation protocol to retain fat. I take about an hour for this to take a shower, change and prepare my food.